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Berkshire Baby Back Ribs NEW!
Meaty and delicious. These "lip smacking ribs" won't last long and can be used with any of your favorite spices or sauces. Summer grilling, here we come! 2 sizes to choose from.

Berkshire Bone-In Pork Loin Roast
LIMITED TIME SPECIAL... Beautiful, luscious Berkshire pork roast! Perfect for your family, special guests or luxury meal for two. Several sizes from 2-4# to chose.

Berkshire Boston Butts - Small Roasts
Looking for a smaller Boston Butt? Try these smaller portions. All that amazing flavor and juiciness to serve a smaller group or some delicious leftovers. The perfect size at 3.5-4# each for just $24.95. BARGAIN TIME!!
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Berkshire Italian Sausage
Italian Sausage, sweet and juicy. Only $8.95 in 1 lb. Packages now in bulk by customer request!! Great for meatballs, meat loaf, spaghetti sauce, chili, Sloppy Joes...are you hungry yet??
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Livin Lard T Shirt
Our latest & greatest T Shirt, designed by our Granddaughter Cami. Shipping is INCLUDED. Help to SPREAD the WORD!!

Mexican Chorizo Sausage
Mangalitsa & Berkshire pork sausage from our sustainably raised pigs in Central Florida. For those of you who love a spicy & flavorful treat. This is packed in bulk to be used in so many great dishes. Our favorite is stuffed Red Peppers!
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ON SALE NEW Berkshire Premium Pack 27#
NEW By Customer Request...a pack of our amazing pork products without having to buy the Whole Pig.
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Ribs & Dog - Bar B Q Special
SUMMER SPECIAL!! 2 Packs of Ribs & 2 Packs of Our "One of a Kind" Hot Dogs, bargain priced @ $49.CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????
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Berkshire Bacon - Brown Sugar Cured
Everybody Loves Bacon and ours is something special. Introductory Price 1 Lb. for $12.95. We have a hard time keeping this in stock.
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HOLIDAY SALE Berkshire Small Roasts
SPECIAL SALE Super Succulent, CROCK POT easy! ...these make your preps a breeze. ... we are GIVING these away, better order extra for the freezer!!! SUPER simple meals; pulled pork sandwiches, pork tacos, grab and go! Several bargain sizes to choose.

ON SALE!!Berkshire Pork Ribs
Berkshire famous flavorful, juicy, and tender ribs. Everybody's favorite! 2 SIZES ! SCROLL to select.These sell out so fast we have trouble keeping them in stock! Unbelievably meaty! For GRILLING or oven. Racks. 1.75-3#

Berkshire Center Cut Chops 2.25-2.4#
BACK IN STOCK & ON SALE!! Our Berkshire pork chops are intensely flavorful and tender. Perfect for pan grilling or throwing on the grill! These will be Center cut and/or Porterhouse cut
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Berkshire Pork Breakfast Sausage
Celebrating our recent website launch! Fresh, delicious Breakfast Style Sausage only $8.95 per pound.
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Berkshire Bone In Honey Glazed & Spiral Sliced Ham
SPECIALLY PRICED Applewood Smoked Hams are Honey Glazed and Spiral Sliced. What a wonderful special meal and all those great leftovers. 9-10# @ only $70. These won't last long!
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Berkshire Ground Pork
Berkshire ground pork is unbelievably juicy and flavorful, our customers continaully sing its praises. Try some today!
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NOTE: all orders after Dec. 20 will ship after Christmas
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