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These Amercian Raised Wagyu are raised by Durham Ranch, they are never administered hormones, steroids, or antibiotic growth stimulants and are humanely treated. Most American Wagyu, also known as American Style Kobe Beef, are a cross between full-blood Japanese Wagyu and either Red or Black American Angus or Charolais. 
Durham Ranch Wagyu are born and raised in North America and consist of a minimum of 50% full blood Wagyu beef. Exquisite and luxurious, the Durham Ranch Wagyu experience is indescribable. Wagyu’s white lattice marbling creates a juiciness and tenderness sophisticated to meet any American chef’s demand. Unexpectedly, the fat makeup of Wagyu is primarily unsaturated fat; often making Wagyu cuts healthier than many USDA Prime beef products.
These animals are 100% all natural and fed an all vegetarian diet, they are Pasture Raised and Grain Finished.

Wagyu Sirloin Flap Steaks THUMBNAIL
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