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You’ve probably heard of Kobe beef. It’s legendary for superior flavor, buttery texture, and perfect marbling. Kobe is not a breed, though. Wagyu is the breed, and Kobe beef comes from the Wagyu breed of cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan. Just as “Champagne” can only come from the Champagne region in France, Kobe can only come from Kobe, Japan.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef BONE BROTH
Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth is what all the health professionals are recommending to help with a myriad of digestive issues. "Mom" made ours from scratch right here on the farm. The bones were roasted for extra flavor. Farm to Spoon!!! 1 Pound Carton $10
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef RIB ROAST
SPECIAL for the Holidays! This is the ultimate 100% Grass Fed Wagyu cut. Makes a beautiful presentation for your special occasion meal. 5-6# Priced individually. Make your selection.

Grass Fed Wagyu Bulk Packaged Ground Beef 1 #
EVERYONES Favorite!! Folks think this is every bit as good as "steak." Real Beef flavor, tender and juicy, with all those great Omega 3's. Bulk packaged in 1#, not in patties as shown in the picture. Fat content 15-17%.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Hamburger 10#SPECIAL
Hamburger Special due to Summer Grass Bonanza. 10# of everybody's favorite one dollar off per pound. HEY, not a bad idea...why not add on a pound of bacon to your order??
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Grass Fed Wagyu Corned Beef
SPECIAL! House Made Wagyu Corned Beef. Cook up this wonderful traditional St Patty's Day for the 4th of July TOO or any other family gathering!! Several sizes, comes with our own Spice pack & cooking Instructions.

Grass Fed Wagyu Steak Strips for Stir Fry/Fajita Pack
Versatile, tasty & fast!! Here are some great tasty steak strips that work perfectly for either Stir Fry or Fajitas. Packed in 1# Packs ready for your wok or cast iron skillet! Normally $20 now just $18.
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HOLIDAY SPECIAL 60$ OFF Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 25 Pound Variety Pack
HOLIDAY SPECIAL PRICE!! $60 OFF Limited Sale Price! Treat your family to the ultimate Wagyu Beef Grass Fed experience, our 25-pound variety pack of 100% grass-fed Wagyu cuts from Tenderloin to Hamburger..
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef - Ultra Lean Ground Round
Our 100% Grass Fed Wagyu Ground Round. 1# Ground Ultra lean for those of you who want an amazing flavorful and lean product.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 2 Pack NY Strip
ON SALE for the holidays. 100% grass-fed Wagyu New York strip steaks epitomize the perfect steak. Sold in a 2-Pack for $35.These are a local favorite and sell out fast!! You haven't had true Wagyu beef flavor until you've tried our New York Strip steaks.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Rib Eyes - 2 Pack
Order early as these go fast! Our 100% grass-fed Wagyu Ribeye steaks are tender, juicy, and have the legendary Wagyu flavor. Rich and buttery, now sold in a 2 Pack for $40. Pay twice that in a high end restaurant!
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Grass Fed Wagyu London Broil
BACK IN STOCK! If you're looking for a delicious, lean cut of meat, our 100% grass-fed London Broil is exceptional. Savory. Rich, flavorful, and versatile. Only $19 much more delicious and economical than dinner on the town.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Brisket
Grass Fed Wagyu Brisket, perfect for Bar B Q and family gatherings or slow cooked on the Bar B Q for "smoky deliciousness" Several sizes available...scroll to choose your favorite.

Grass Fed Wagyu 2# Petite Steaks
ON SALE! 2 LBS. of our tender and small flavorful steaks. These might be one or more of Top Sirloin, Picanha, or Culotte
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 3 Roast Pack
For those of you who like a great pot roast, you will love our economical roast pack, combining some of your favorite cuts with all that famous tender and juicy Wagyu flavor.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Chuck Roast
Everyone's Favorite Pot Roast! Slow cooking tenderizes this flavorful cut turning it silky smooth and fork-tender when cooked properly. Approximately 2 pounds.
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