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You’ve probably heard of Kobe beef. It’s legendary for superior flavor, buttery texture, and perfect marbling. Kobe is not a breed, though. Wagyu is the breed, and Kobe beef comes from the Wagyu breed of cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan. Just as “Champagne” can only come from the Champagne region in France, Kobe can only come from Kobe, Japan.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 25 Pound Variety Pack
GET A TASTE OF WAGYU!! Best Value! For the ultimate Wagyu beef experience, we invite you to order our 25-pound variety pack of 100% grass-fed Wagyu cuts from Tenderloin to Hamburger..
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Hamburger 1 #
EVERYONES Favorite!! Folks think this is every bit as good as "steak." Real Beef flavor, tender and juicy, with all those great Omega 3's
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Ribs
NEW SALE ITEM. Limited Quantity! Try some of these economical & flavorful Wagyu Back Ribs. We have a great, easy recipe for you. Only $9. for 1.5- 2 pounds..."what a bargain!
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef - Ultra Lean Ground Round
Our 100% Grass Fed Wagyu Ground Round. 1# Ground Ultra lean for those of you who want an amazing flavorful and lean product.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Steaks
Our Wagyu 100% grass-fed tenderloin steaks live up to their name: tender--phenomonally tender. These are rich, absolutely succulent steaks. $31 for 2 steaks per pack (approximately 9 OZ total weight per pack)
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 2 Pack NY Strip
ON SALE for the holidays. 100% grass-fed Wagyu New York strip steaks epitomize the perfect steak. Sold in a 2-Pack for $35.These are a local favorite and sell out fast!! You haven't had true Wagyu beef flavor until you've tried our New York Strip steaks.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Rib Eyes - 2 Pack
Order early as these go fast! Our 100% grass-fed Wagyu Ribeye steaks are tender, juicy, and have the legendary Wagyu flavor. Rich and buttery, now sold in a 2 Pack for $40. Pay twice that in a high end restaurant!
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef London Broil 1.25
BACK IN STOCK! If you're looking for a delicious, lean cut of meat, our 100% grass-fed London Broil is exceptional. Savory. Rich, flavorful, and versatile. Only $15. much more delicious and economical than dinner on the town.
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Grass Fed Wagyu 2# Variety of Petite Steaks
SUPER BOWL SALE! 2 LBS. of a Variety of our tender and flavorful steaks. See which one is your favorite.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef 3 Roast Pack
For those of you who like a great pot roast, you will love our economical roast pack, combining some of your favorite cuts with all that famous tender and juicy Wagyu flavor.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Chuck Roast
Everyone's Favorite Pot Roast! Slow cooking tenderizes this flavorful cut turning it silky smooth and fork-tender when cooked properly. Approximately 2 pounds.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Short Ribs 5#
5 LB. of Meaty, delicious Wagyu short ribs, only $49. Perfect to braise and cook ahead to simplify your life. Available for a limited time.
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Grass Fed Wagyu Stew Meat
Hearty Wagyu Beef Stew can be cooked in the oven or the slow cooker. Either way you'll have a wholesome & flavorful meal. Only $11 for a pound of the "Total Comfort Food."
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Summer Special! Grass Fed Wagyu & Pork Hot Dogs
ON SALE! Summer Special. Grass Fed Wagyu Beef & Berkshire/Mangalitsa Hot Dogs! Oscar Meyer never had anything this great! Gluten free, no MSG. Start your grill NOW!! 3 Packs for $25
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Grass Fed Wagyu Beef Quarter- DEPOSIT
We are now taking orders for delivery now and through Fall 2014. Make a DEPOSIT if you'd like to secure your 1/4 beef custom cut to your specifications, and read further details by "clicking" on the picture.
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